Available courses

We will learn about Women's Barbershop Harmony.

Ongoing private 30 minute vocal coaching.  We will work on singer's position, breathing, and vocal production.  We will also work on expression!

The instructor will contact you to set up the day and time for your class.

This 12-unit self-paced course will introduce the science of Agriculture and its importance.   Discover how farming and ranching help each of us and learn to appreciate these workers.   This course will consist of reading passages, quizzes, activities with reports, and projects with reports.  

Students will have access to the course for 20 weeks.  If you should need more time email me at nitateaching@gmail.com and I can extend the course time. 

You will pick four projects.   One project and report should be turned in each month.  You will want to look at the projects and pick four to complete.  Several of them take a week to 4 weeks to complete so do not wait until the last week to start them.  Projects can be turned in early if

You will pick 12 activities.  There are activities for each unit, but you have a choice of activities.  Activities generally can be completed in a few hours, however, there are a few with growing times that can take a few weeks.  Start them early.  The activity for the Journey 2050 unit is a game.  There are two to choose from.  You will write a short review of the game for the activity report. 

Quizzes should be completed at the end of each unit and will cover the material in that unit (2 points per question).  All quizzes have 10  questions.

Late work will be accepted with the instructor’s approval.  You will be expected to email me with an explanation.  A parent note may be required.


  • Each quiz - 20 points - 240 total points possible.
  • Each project - 30 points- 120 total points possible.
  • Each activity - 20 points - 240 total points possible.
  • Final Exam - 50 points
Extra credit:
  • Each additional activity - 5 points each
  • Each additional project - 10 points each
You may do as many extra credit activities as you wish.